Immersive Arts Lecture Series: Games in Concert - Lessons from Music in Virtual

«Games in Concert» was a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation at the ZHdK from 2016-2018. The goal was to explore the possibilities of musical environments for musicians in VR and to look for the artistic potentials that lie in the implementation of mechanics more known to the world of game design. A visual VR environment was programmed with virtual instruments specifically designed to use the advantages of VR. Unto three musicians were able to interact musically with each other in VR while a fourth character was used to lead the public through the performance while it was happening. Finally, the project was presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 shortly after its conclusion. During this lecture, while diving into the in and outs of «Games in Concert» the question arises which mechanics and which concepts hold potential for future musical VR environments and which challenges and lessons unfolded during this project.

Olav Lervik

Prof. Christian Iseli

Kino Toni, 3.G02


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26/10/2021, 17:15 – 18:30
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