Industrie 4.0, Kesako?

Ordering your new car from your computer, totally customising it, changing your mind when it has already been ordered, following its production and finally going to pick it up in a chosen place, this is what the 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, makes possible.

Machines, people and processes are linked together, interconnected, which not only improves productivity but also allows products to be personalised. This is a far cry from the production chain that "spits" from its belly the same product for everyone.

This animation shows us the evolution of industry from the 19th century to tomorrow.

It is followed by a video showing "for real" a production line Industry 4.0 from design to delivery. The industry of the future is already today.

Speaker : Philippe Grize - Director Haute Ecole Arc - Industry

With the support of #bepog
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